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Mingjerng's product quality and service content are worth choosing.


Made in Taiwan

Our products are made in Taiwan, not only reliable quality, in service and maintenance, but also to allow users to easily contact and access to rapid processing.


Invest in research and development

We have invested a lot of money and time to build a fully equipped manufacturing plant, step by step to improve our manufacturing process, so that consumers can use quality and cheap products.

Quality is becoming perfect

With our experience in Taiwan's hydropower materials market for many years, our product quality tends to improve. And we are committed to the development of more convenient, better products, so that users with peace of mind.

Consumer well-being

Insist on a reasonable price at the same time to provide consumers with high-quality services. In a strong ethical spirit, always on the premise that your interests and well-being are the essence, and provide only all practical advice.

Professional service for your needs

Our advantage

Research and development of a number of patented products

MingJerng Enterprise has developed many well-known patented products. It is easy to get started whether it is a hydropower expert or DIY. such as:

Solve the problem of water leakage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of stainless steel pipes.

The piston is designed with balanced inlet water pressure, flexible control valve, high pressure resistance, large flow, and adjustable water level.

The two-stage control water tower is used to stop the water from entering and shutting off. It is fully open and closed. It will not produce water pipe resonance when full of water.

Construction is relatively convenient and stable. Save valuable time on your construction and improve your construction quality.

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