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Our Story

The company is located in the Linyuan Petrochemical Industrial Zone in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The founder, Mr. Huang Bingyi, was originally a hydroelectrician. When the Taiwan Metropolitan Project just launched a stainless steel pipe in 1973, he found that stainless steel has a coefficient of expansion that in turn leads to joint leakage.

In response to the metal characteristics of stainless steel, Mr. Huang set out to develop East Star brand telescopic flexible joints. In addition to allowing the user to construct easily, the characteristics of seismic and pressure resistance also constitute the most perfect housing pipe quality. In addition, Mr. Huang has also successively developed a number of patented products as listed below.

MingJerng Enterprise Co., Ltd. Products Introduction

East Star joints can reuse it as unions.

East Star quick joints

East Star telescopic flexible quick connector
its attached hand tools and motor station.

Stainless steel float valves replaced Remote Float Control Valves

East Star balanced water pressure float valve

The piston balance valve into the water, resistant to high pressure.
Can adjust the water level, large flow, lead-free toxicity.

Install East Star full off float valve, fully control the Pressure Boost Pump

East Star all open all off float ball valve

Two-stage control Pressure Boost Pump
All on inflow and all off stop flow

Ground rod clamps without exothermic welding

Ground rod clamp

The copper clamp locking ground rod is not fall off.
No exothermic welding is safe.

Stainless steel Angle valve

Stainless steel high flow Angle valve

Stainless steel precision casting.
Resistant to twist, construction.

East Star stainless steel float valve can adjust water level

Patented products

The patented products developed by MingJerng Enterprise are well-constructed, well-installed, and well-maintained. Even newcomers to water and electricity can quickly get started.

Purpose Outlook

Allowing customers to use conveniently and satisfactorily is our driving force.

Continuously strives to create and improve the best products of high quality that are more suitable for user installation and maintenance by MingJerng Enterprise.

East Star telescopic flexible quick fittings
Patent Items
Product quality
Home living
Made in Taiwan

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