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Introduction to Kaohsiung

Mingchen company in Kaohsiung City Forest Park set up 30 years, born in Shuangyu, this land has deep feelings.

Lin Park is located at the southernmost tip of Kaohsiung City, north of the big port, west adjacent to the small port, east of gaoping creek and the new park, the west across the Taiwan Strait can be far away from the small Ryukyu. Located in the high-screen stream mouth, flat terrain, both the two major fishing ports, agricultural catch rich, residents engaged in aquaculture fisheries are not in the minority, wufish is one of the local famous production. Qingzhi period is fengshan County, one of the bustling and lively areas, business Jia spoke, currency bribes, for the land of fish and rice.

However, since the establishment of the CNPC petrochemical industry in 1973, the government has been transformed into a major town of Taiwan’s petrochemical industry. With the oil plant in the forest garden as the core, downstream manufacturers such as: Li Changrong Chemical, Nandi Chemical, Yongjia Chemical, Chinese synthetic rubber, Taiwan petrochemical synthesis, Xinchang chemical, Taiwan styrene, Heyi Chemical, Taiwan plastics, Taiwan, Taida, Sino-Japanese synthesis, Donglian, South Asian plastics, China-U.S. and China, Joint, Hexing Chemical, Acco Chemical, Asian polymerization… 26 companies set up factories here to supply Taiwan’s domestic demand for plastics and export sources. Local because of the coastal, near petrochemical plants, so the hydropower industry is booming, Mingchen company in this will be able to manufacture products and improve, establish a stable foundation, stand firm and thrive.

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No.102, Sec. 1, Fenglin Rd., Linyuan Dist., Kaohsiung City 83248, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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